Improve trust, security, and ranking with Facebook Ads prior to/after going live with Ads

Implement these quick and easy steps to improve your trust, security and ranking with Facebook ads prior to going live with ads. This will  help with lowering your ad disapproval rate and chances of getting your ad account banned.

  • If you don't already know, Facebook prefers advertisers it can trust and the more trust you have the more results you can get at a lower cost.
  • Facebook will actually let you reach more people if you can just increase trust with them...

So how can you increase trust with Facebook Ads?

  1. Get an SSL certificate on your website.
  • If your website is secured Facebook is going to be more comfortable with visitors going to your site.
  • The last thing they want is for their users to visit your site and then their information gets hacked due to you not having an SSL Certificate.
  • So make sure your site is secured.
  1. Verify your website with Facebook.
  • Go to business manager settings.
  • Then visit 'domains'.
  • Paste your URL and then follow the steps to verify your website.
  • This will let Facebook know that you are the owner of the website and that it's now in the business manager.
  • Which adds a ton of trust to your website when you start running ads.
  • This alone is going to help you win more bids because you will already have your site approved, secured and verified in the Facebook business manager.
  1. Connect the business Instagram account to the Facebook page.
  • You need to connect your pages and then have the Instagram uploaded into the business manager.
  • This once again lets Facebook know who owns the Instagram and that it's now secured through the business manager.
  • So just go to 'business manager settings'.
  • Then upload the Instagram page under 'Instagram accounts'.
  • Once you do that you're going to have even better results on Instagram now too.
  1. Verify your business manager.
  • This one is huge...
  • It's super important that you verify your business manager in the settings under 'business info'
  • Facebook wants to know if it is a legit business and person.
  • So just verify the business manager and you'll see a lot more access unlocked in your business manager, ad account and you'll see a shift in your results because your trust factor with Facebook will jump significantly.
  1. Verify your ad account.
  • Go to ‘business manager settings’. Visit ‘ad account settings’.
  • Then answer the questions and let Facebook know who the owner is and provide the business info in the ad account.
  • This will lower the chances of an ad account/business manager getting shut down...
  • You'll also notice you don't get flagged or ads disapproved nearly as often as you probably use to once you implement this.
  1. Add 2-Factor authentication and back-up admin.
  • If you add 2-factor authentication and a back-up admin to your business manager you'll not only improve the security...
  • Facebook will trust that someone doesn't hijack or get access to your business manager and ad accounts when they shouldn't.
  • This helps for when you're scaling ad campaigns because the last thing Facebook wants is to refund a business because someone secretly stole access and spent all the money on the ad account.
  1. Verify Facebook/Instagram Page.
  • Just go to your Facebook page settings and select 'verify page'.
  • Upload your business documents and ID. Then within 48 hours Facebook and Instagram should give you a grey verification badge.
  • This will increase your pages organically in search results...
  • And will let you reach more people in paid campaigns because know your pages have been verified as authenticate pages people can do business with...
  • A grey verification badge is business verification. A blue badge just means you're verified on an influencer level...
  • The main one you need is just the grey one so you can increase your results and trust with Facebook.
  1. Verify your identity.

Finally, to take everything to another level in terms of verification and trust.

Then this one is the ultimate one to do.

You'll need to go to your personal 'Facebook settings' go-to 'general' then select 'verification'.

This one is going to ask you to verify a whole storm of documents so you basically can get cleared with Facebook entirely because they'll get every document they need on you to fully trust you.

  • They will have you take a photo.
  • They will have you scan your ID and upload it.
  • They will have you scan your passport and upload it.
  • They will send mail to your address with a secret ID to verify your home and business address.
  • They will have you answer life questions...

This will also unlock you access to political campaigns and other campaigns you normally would not be allowed to run without this access.

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